Far from being foolish, the ‘fool’ is an ancient human archetype, the ‘0’ number card in the
Tarot deck, and stands for everything that is spontaneous, intuitive and unconventional.

We are deeply inspired by the ‘fool’ and believe there is no better icon for the new age; that
demands continuous innovation and fearlessness towards an intuitive way of doing
In today's world where there is a sea of undistinguishable products and services, the brands
today have a difficult task to fight for the limited attention they can get from the customer.
The customer today demands to be astonished at every touchpoint. The Fool helps design
this delight into the brands across interfaces. Whether it is:
> Creating a visual identity for your new company/brand,
> Reinventing or reinvigorating an existing brand, or
> Repositioning your existing brand

The Fool has the skills, experience, processes and tools that deliver and help you achieve
your goals. Aiming for perfection and pushing the frontiers, we strive to delight our
customers always.